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Waterloo Animal Hospital is a full service medical and surgical animal hospital specializing in the treatment of companion animals and livestock.

We offer routine well-animal care as well as diagnostic tools such as radiology (X-ray), a surgical suite with modern gas anesthesia, ultrasound, and three well-equipped mobile veterinary units for on-farm calls. We also have mobile X-ray and ultrasound capabilities.

We have quick access to a full service veterinary reference laboratory in Collinsville that provides us with complete lab results within hours.

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While under anesthesia, our state-of the art monitoring system continuously records your pets blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels.

Your pets yearly immunizations are important because they boost the immune system to fight viruses and diseases such as Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Corona and Bordetella in dogs. Rabies, Leukemia, and FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calcivirus and Panleukopenia) prevent deadly cat disease. Additional vaccines are important to certain pets according to their lifestyles: Canine Influenza protects dogs who are exposed to other dogs, Leptospirosis protects pets exposed to standing water and Lyme protects dogs exposed to ticks. FIV (Feline AIDS) protects cats exposed to other cats. Our pre-paid pup and kit packages offer additional savings.

Our in house laboratory facility at Waterloo Animal Hospital allows faster and more accurate blood chemistry test results.
In some cases, a physical exam is not enough for the doctor to determine the problem. Radiology assists in diagnosing internal problems.
A dental cleaning is an ultrasonic scaling and polishing. It includes a pretreatment blood profile, anesthetic, cardiac monitoring, and post procedure antibiotics to clear gingivitis and oral infections.
Waterloo Animal Hospital offers services to help all your large animals.

Find Out Answers to Common Pet Questions

From time to time your furry friend may be doing something that makes you wonder…”Why do they do that?” Well we have provided answers to some of those commonly asked questions. Click the link below to go to our Frequently Asked Questions, while your there you can search through our Library of Terms!

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Dwight D. Boehm, DVM


Lizabeth A. Vollmer, DVM


Stephenie Morgan, DVM


Rachel Cunningham, DVM


Megan Schilling


Colleen, Vet Tech

Sandy, Vet Tech

Taylor, Vet Tech

Sara R., Vet Tech

Rachel E., Vet Tech


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Dwight D. Boehm, DVM   

Lizabeth A. Vollmer, DVM  

Michelle Mannino-Skaggs, DVM  

John F. Pettinger, DVM  

Erica Weissert, DVM  

Rachel Lawn, DVM  

Colleen, Vet Tech  

Sandy, Vet Tech, DVM  

Tracy, Vet Tech, DVM  

Laura, Vet Tech, DVM  

Brittney, Vet Tech, DVM  

Terri, Heather and Julie  

Julie H.; Theresa, Michelle  

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We typically schedule small animal appointments from 10-12 and 2-5:30 p.m. M-F. The time not used for small animal appointments is used for surgery, case work-up and treatments, and large animal calls out of the office.

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